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ClickBook MMX for Windows for XP/2000/Vista/7
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Add to Cart  Would you like to purchase a long reach stapler for assembling your booklets?
Only: $39.95

Add to Cart  Would you like to purchase Upgrade Assurance for $9.95/yr? Upgrade Assurance is an inexpensive way to ensure that you always have the latest version. When you purchase Upgrade Assurance, MAJOR updates are provided for a year - minor updates are always free. Purchase additional years (up to 5) by increasing the qty. Applies to Blue Squirrel software items in cart. Only: $9.95

Add to Cart  Get this magnifying lens with your purchase. ClickBook is perfect for archiving taxes and other documents by printing many pages to a sheet of paper. Get this magnifying lens to read archived documents with ease. Works great for reading any small print. Buy now and get 40% Off!
Regularly: $9.95   Special Offer: onClick='pricewindow(9.95,1,1,0.6,8050,1);return false;'>$5.97

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