30 Examples of a Thank You Note for Boss When Leaving Job (2024)

Preparing a thank you note for your boss when leaving a job in addition to a general email letter to coworkers is a wise decision. It is a welcome step as your boss has done a lot to support you. It will also be a nice gesture for an employer you had a neutral connection with.

If you prefer sending a card over a standard email, check out our 30 examples of the messages to write in it. Moreover, we will also provide you with a few extra valuable tips!

Two Reasons to Write a Thank You Card to the Manager When Leaving a Job

Our lives are woven of changes and movement in all spheres. And the ability to manoeuvre well is a crucial one. Your soft skills will be remembered just like your hard skills, so make sure you leave a good impression. Apart from many other things, sending a thank you note to your boss when leaving a job will help to not become one of the ill-mannered quitting examples of employees.

There is also another reason. All the firing and hiring processes may bring tension to the department and its manager in particular. So, even a brief appreciation note may help ease it. Acknowledge their contribution to your development, and it won’t be overlooked!

What to Write in a Thank You Card for Your Boss?

Writing a thank you letter to your boss when leaving is not that difficult when you have certain guidelines to follow. You can’t go wrong when creating your message for a boss using these five tips:

  1. Be professional. Even if you’ve become good friends, or this person has objectively done a lot for your career, there is no good reason to make your note too personal. Keep the tone of the message polite and respectful and focus on the professional aspects.
  2. Make it to the point. There is definitely no need to write five paragraphs saying how thankful you are. Organise your thoughts and keep them concise, and focus on the few most important moments you’d like to mention. Stick to the old saying: “Who thinks clearly, expresses clearly.”
  3. Be more specific. Try to make your note more individualised. Mention a specific situation you are thankful for, a project that made you grow as a professional, or a lesson your boss has taught you. Even if you use a message template like those provided below, feel free to add something from yourself to it.

Mind these tips, and the process of writing a thank you letter when leaving a job will be simpler. So, now, let’s review some examples.

Examples of Messages for Your Boss When You are Leaving the Company

Leaving job thank you letters are easy to write if you have a few good templates at hand. Here are some examples of messages you can use when signing a card you want to send to your supervisor.

Short Messages

Saying thanks to your boss for support may not necessarily mean long messages. Explore our brief notes that are still pleasant to receive.

  • Thanks to you, my [N years] in the [Company] were amazing.
  • I appreciate the opportunities you gave me, you are such a good leader.
  • You are the most intelligent and open-minded manager I’ve ever had to this moment.
  • I’ve learned so much from you. Thanks for your instruction!
  • I would be happy to become as good a manager as you are one day.
  • Thanks for sharing so many nice moments and professional insights during my work in [Company].

Thoughtful Messages

Sometimes, it’s a good idea to write a bit more. If you have something to be grateful for, no need to keep silent about that when leaving the company.

  • I’ve decided to write to you in advance because I didn’t want you to be caught off guard. These were great [N years], I wish you new professional discoveries and successes before you. Let’s keep in touch!
  • Working here was not a walk in the park. I’ll never forget the brainstorms and a few sleepless nights over the project in the beginning. But it was you who taught me to keep a work-life balance, and I will always be thankful for that.
  • Your encouragement and trusting me with challenging tasks was so inspiring. I’m a better professional now compared to the person I was [N years] ago, and it’s thanks to you.
  • I wish your department success, prosperity, and further progress. The lessons and principles you’ve taught me will always remain my guiding light.
  • I can’t say that every minute in the company was a delight. But I can say that there were way more pleasant and inspiring moments than dull ones!
  • I know it was you who made the final choice on hiring me and I’m grateful for that. You believed in me like no one else, and I only hope to live up to your expectations.
  • We’ve parted ways as employees of one company, but I hope we will keep in touch. You are a great manager!
  • Working with you was nothing but a very joyful experience. I’ll miss my daily life in [Company], but with your help, I’m ready to solve new challenges.
  • I’m starting a new chapter, but I will put a bookmark on this one for sure. I’ll never forget the experience I got here.

Thank You Messages for the Boss You Admire

This person deserves no less than a sign of true appreciation. Make sure to speak from your heart!

  • You are the true leader I will remember. With your help, I’ve become not just a more skilled specialist but also a better person.
  • Being a part of the amazing team you created will always be something I will miss. But I am also excited to take a step in my career. Thanks for being such a great manager.
  • The team has almost become my second family. Thank you for creating such a great environment for professional growth!
  • Some would say they have great bosses, but I know I had the BEST one. I highly appreciate your guidance and support.
  • While working with you, I always knew I was doing something meaningful and wanted to become better at my job. Thanks for encouraging me.
  • I bet you kick yourself now because it was you who taught me to think of my career aspirations and make a clear strategy! While the first part is a joke, the second is definitely not: I would never aim that high without your faith in me.
  • You were not just a boss but my mentor and a leader. Thank you for making me believe in myself and helping to see how much I can achieve.
  • My first few weeks in the company were not simple. Everything changed when you became my manager. Thank you for everything!
  • I’ll remember your sense of humour and the ability to provide such respectful feedback no matter what. It’s been an honour to have you as my manager.
  • My work here would never be so fruitful and joyful without your help. You are the best manager I’ve ever worked with!

Thank You Notes for the Boss You Didn’t Really Like

When it comes to a supervisor, a thank you note can be sent even to the one you didn’t favour. It will be polite to acknowledge your leave and make a point in some sense.

  • Thank you for the valuable experience, wish you good luck!
  • It’s a pity to leave [Company or department], but it’s time to take a step. All the best!
  • I wish you fewer problems, more successes, and limitless ideas!
  • It was a pleasure to be a part of your team!
  • I’ve learned a lot while working in [Company], thank you!

The Best Time to Send Your Boss a Thank You Card

Giving a thank you card to your boss when leaving may be an emotional moment. So, sending your manager a letter just before you leave can be confusing. Whether it is an email or a card, consider doing so a couple of days before or early in the morning of your last working day. Try not to make it a last-minute rush. Get ready to devote some time to talking to your boss — it’s the end of an important stage of your life.


Now you have an idea of what to write in a thank you note for your boss when leaving your job. So, it’s time to choose the right card! Explore our collection of thank you cards at Boomf and make your message great in every way.

30 Examples of a Thank You Note for Boss When Leaving Job (2024)
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