43 Trendy Prom Bouquet Ideas for Handheld Flowers (2024)

Inside: Why take just corsages when you could have trendy prom bouquets instead?

When it comes to prom, dresses are usually the first thing to come to mind. But they are only one part of this magical day. A good flower bouquet can make or break your outfit and your photos.

Coming up with bouquet ideas can be pretty hard, especially when you have so many other things to think about: Shoes, Dress, Hair, Makeup, Jewelry…the flowers are easy to overlook.

That’s why it’s awesome that you found this article before the panic set it… I am here to help. I have created a list of Trendy Prom Bouquet Ideas for you to look through.

You are bound to find inspiration for your own, perhaps a photo to send to your prom date for inspiration and you can even order some of these online.

If you are interested in making your own bouquet, then stick around to the end where I walk you through a simple step-by-step tutorial on how to create your own DIY bouquet for prom.

You can use the ones I included on this list as inspiration.

This way, you can make EXACTLY what you were imagining.

Before we get into that though, let’s go over a brief history of what Prom is and how it came to be such a time-honored tradition.

Table of Contents

The History of Prom

Prom was invented all the way back in 1928 by a guy named Otto Rohwedders. The name Prom is actually short for the word Promenade, which means to parade your guests around in a formal setting.

Kind of like a coming-out ball.

You get dressed up in your finest clothes and present yourself to the public at a social event. This began in colleges to help promote social etiquette amongst the class that was graduating. Now it has continued on and has switched meanings a bit. These days, the Prom is something for high schoolers to celebrate during their final years at school.

It gives them something to look forward to, and something to get all spiffy for seeing as there aren’t many things that require a ball gown or fancy dress to attend. It’s all for good fun and to make memories!

Now that we understand how Prom came to be and what it has transformed into, we can get into the good stuff… the bouquets.


This first list is a wonderful mix of different styles and textures for you to look through.

Number 6 is my current favorite, but whichever one you decide on will be the one that will best accent your dress. If you are here as a boy looking for inspiration for choosing your date’s flowers, even better!

Just remember to keep in mind that your bouquet should have at least one color that matches your scheme. They even have sets of flowers, lapel flowers, and corsages.

1.Baby Blue & Peach Bouquet

2.Cute Small Bouquet

3.Hydrangea and White Roses

4.Cotton Candy Colored Flowers

5.Unique Beautiful Flowers

6.Elegant Bouquet with Multicolored Roses

7.Pastel Pink Flowers

8.Multi-colored Blue Flowers

9.Light Spring Flowers

10.Whimsicle White Flowers

11.Vibrant Flowers with Purple Ribbon

12.Red and White Flowers with Red Ribbon

13.Vibrant Succulent Bouquet

Handheld Bouquets for Prom

14.Purple and Blue Flower Bundle

15.Dried Flower Bouquet

16.Wild Flower Bouquet

17.Cute Chamomile Bouquet

18.Colorful Flowers

19.Simple Bouquet with White Ribbon

20.Lavender and Chamomile

21.Bouquet with Black Roses

22.Burnt Orange with Eucalyptus

23.Beautiful Spring Flowers

24.Pink, Purple, and White

25.Lemongrass Silk

26.Sunflower Bouquet

27.Red and Blue Bundle

28.Fall Colors

29.Orange Cala Lilies

30.Babies Breath Bouquet

Bouquets From Etsy

31.Red Roses with Babies Breath

32.Purple Rose 3 Pc Set

33.Peach Flowers

34.Succulent Bouquet

35.White Dahlia

36.Pink and Orange Bundle

37.White Roses with Burlap

38.Blush Mini Bouquet

39.Green and White Flowers

40.Triple Succulent Bouquet

41.Eucalyptus Bouquet

42.Simple Green Bouquet

43.Rustic Bouquet

How to Make a Prom Bouquet

Creating your own bouquet is actually very easy, and can save you quite a pretty penny! You only need a few supplies and very little skill. Before we get started on how to create it, you’ll need to go out and buy:


  • Flowers of your choosing – Make sure that you have flowers that go with your color theme. You can also choose some accent flowers to help add some depth and texture. A good rule of thumb is to have one kind of the main flower, and then some smaller ones to use as accents around it. Use the photo above for example. They use roses as the main flower, and Babies Breath as the accent flowers.
  • Ribbon – Ribbon is for the handle. This will make it much easier for you or your date to hold onto when taking photos. Otherwise, you risk getting cuts or having your flowers fall all over the place. Having a good handle will keep your flowers sturdy and put together all night.
  • Scissors – To cut the flowers into the same length

Step One: Cutting

Lay all of your flowers out, then arrange them how you think you will want them to look when finished. Then take your pair of scissors(the sharper the better), and begin to their stems until they are all the same length.

Step Two: Assembly

Next, you’re going to want to bundle your flowers together. Pick them up and arrange them how you want them to look when being held. Be careful as to not squish the flowers or hurt yourself if you have any flowers with thorns. They are sharper than they seem! Once you think you have exactly what you want them to look like, move on to step 3.

Step Three: Securing Them

Lastly, you want to secure them with your ribbon. A good way to keep it tight and clean-looking are to start wrapping at the top. Take your finger and hold the ribbon near the top of your bouquet stems, making sure to leave at least 4-5 inches of extra at the top(this will be used to tie and secure the bouquet at the end). Start rolling it down the stem. Keep it tight! Continue to roll it up and down the stem until it has reached the level of thickness that will be both comfortable to hold and will hold your flowers together securely. Make sure to bring your ribbon back up to the top where you started, take that extra piece we saved in the beginning, and securely tie a bow. Voila! All done.

More Ideas You and Your Teen Will Love

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  • 43+ GORGEOUS GRADUATION NAIL DESIGNS– If you’re kid is going to prom, then their graduation day is coming up quickly. Similar to bouquets, graduation nails are often lost in the sea of tasks that lead up to that big day. So take a look at this list of over 43 of the cutest graduation nail designs out there to get started.

43 Trendy Prom Bouquet Ideas for Handheld Flowers (5)

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43 Trendy Prom Bouquet Ideas for Handheld Flowers (2024)


What's the flower you put on your hand for prom called? ›

A corsage /kɔːrˈsɑːʒ/ is a small bouquet of flowers worn on a woman's dress or around her wrist for a formal occasion. They are typically given to her by her date.

What is a small handheld bouquet called? ›

Small handheld floral bouquets called nosegays, posies or tussie-mussies date back to medieval times, when women carried these fragrant bouquets as a way to help mask the stench of the streets. Nosegay quite literally means a gay nose.

Do girls carry bouquets for prom? ›

Although bouquets are not the traditional choice for prom flowers, they make a glamourous statement in prom photos and can be a lovely gesture from a prom date. Prom bouquets are smaller than bridal bouquets. Florists make the arrangements with various flowers and greenery to match your style on prom night.

How do I choose a hand bouquet? ›

How to choose your Bridal Bouquet?
  1. Consider the type of wedding celebration (religious or civil), select your venue, and choose your dress first. ...
  2. Get the colour right! ...
  3. Coordinate Size and Shape. ...
  4. Pick seasonal blooms. ...
  5. Don't forget symbolism. ...
  6. Align your bouquet to your wedding style. ...
  7. Tips for the bride-to-be.
Oct 26, 2019

What is the etiquette for prom flowers? ›

Etiquette and tradition state that a corsage should be worn on the left side (either the left wrist or left shoulder strap), but ultimately, placement and how you wear is up to personal preference. Many left-handed people prefer to wear their corsage on their right hand.

Who pays for prom flowers? ›

Traditionally, the guy pays for the corsage and the girl pays for the boutonniere, as each person is gifting the flowers to their date. However, it's common for couples dating for awhile to choose their flowers together or for one half of the pair to place the order for both to ensure the flowers coordinate.

What bouquet style is still the most popular today? ›

Sometimes known as a garden wedding bouquet, the hand-tied wedding bouquet is one of the most popular types of bridal bouquets. It's a go-to for couples and wedding florists who prefer natural, loose designs, as if the flowers were just picked from the garden (hence the name).

What are prom bouquets called? ›

Our easy ordering process makes it simple to choose the perfect corsage & boutonniere set for your special night. With a variety of styles and colors to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect match for your prom attire.

What can I hold instead of a bouquet? ›

What Can A Bride Carry Instead Of Flowers? | 9 Unique Alternatives
  • Paper Flower Bouquets. Paper flower bouquets have become a popular choice for weddings in recent years. ...
  • Succulent Bouquets. ...
  • Feather Bouquets. ...
  • Dried Flower Bouquets. ...
  • Fabric Bouquets. ...
  • Fruit & Vegetable Bouquets. ...
  • Fans. ...
  • Wrist Corsages.

Are corsages still a thing for prom 2024? ›

In 2024, the trend is all about creating custom pieces that reflect the unique style and personality of each individual. Whether you opt for a classic or bold look, corsages and boutonnieres are sure to add a special touch to your Prom experience.

What flower do girls wear to prom? ›

Trends for Prom Flowers

Popular flowers are mini (or sweetheart) roses, standard roses, dendrobium orchids, alstroemeria, lilies, mini carnations and other small flowers such as cornflowers and freesia. Flowers for your hair or neck or corsages pinned to an evening bag are also great choices.

Are wrist corsages still a thing for prom? ›

Many prom-goers know only of traditional corsages and boutonnières, and those are still the “standards.” Fowler concedes that although her shop offers many contemporary options, “Wrist corsages remain the most popular choices for prom in our area.” While Fowler's statement probably rings true for many florists, most of ...

What is a hand bouquet called? ›

The primary difference between a posy and round bouquet is typically size; a posy is a small, bouquet which typically is held in one hand (it can also be referred to as a nosegay) often given to mothers, grandmother and smaller girls, while a larger, round bouquet is carried with two hands, and is generally given to ...

What color combinations look best in a flower bouquet? ›

Complementary bouquets often make interesting combinations of high-contrast flowers, such as red-green, blue-orange, and yellow-purple. If you like floral designs that are bold, complementary arrangements are your best choice.

How do you arrange a hand bouquet? ›

How to create a hand-tied flower bouquet
  1. Prep your stems. ...
  2. Select the focal point of your bouquet. ...
  3. Keep spiralling different textures and styles. ...
  4. Once the bouquet is full, adjust your stems. ...
  5. Tie off your bouquet with string. ...
  6. Trim your stems to the same length. ...
  7. Create the brown paper wrap for your bouquet. ...
  8. Wrap your bouquet.

What flower is used for prom? ›

Trends for Prom Flowers

Popular flowers are mini (or sweetheart) roses, standard roses, dendrobium orchids, alstroemeria, lilies, mini carnations and other small flowers such as cornflowers and freesia. Flowers for your hair or neck or corsages pinned to an evening bag are also great choices.

What is the flower girls wear on their wrist for prom? ›

A corsage is a single flower or small flower arrangement that is worn as part of a woman's outfit. Most commonly, it is secured to an elastic band and worn on the wrist. It can also be pinned to the strap of a dress or gown.

What does the corsage symbolize? ›

In this sense, corsages symbolized attachment to another person. Corsages were also given to show affection and love on holidays. Some women were given corsages on Mother's Day, Easter or even on their birthdays. Nowadays corsages are still worn to many formal occasions.

What is the flower you give to girl on prom? ›

Roses are the most common types of flowers given on prom night. They can be purchased in many different colors, meaning they will complement almost any dress. Any guy who is looking to impress his date will definitely succeed by giving roses. Another traditional and popular flower choice is orchids.

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