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In a study undertaken by philanthropy researcher Adrian Sargeant, donors revealed that one of the key reasons they stopped donating was that they were not thanked. In another studyreport, one of the top reasons donors offer to continue donating is receivingtimely thanks. Gratefulness is powerful, and a handwritten thank-you letter continues to be one of the most useful ways to showit to the donor.


What is a Donation Thank You Letter?

A letter of gratitude expresses appreciation, acts as an acknowledgement, and seeks to establish a closer connection with the donor. Sending an appropriate thank-you letter could give your organization a good name and open doors to more donations.

Why Send a Donation Thank You Letter?

Sending thank you letters for donation have reasons behind them. They are:

Using customized thank-you letters and cards from people who benefit from your non-profit programs is a perfect way to connect your supporters directly to individuals whose contributions support. When donors see that their donations carry positive benefits, they will be pleased to contribute and be more likely to do so again.

Including a short timeline in the letter or email body will help donors know how their contributions will be used. Donors rarely like to donate to organizations without understanding how and where the funding will be used.

One of the key reasons that organizations issue letters of appreciation is to raise their donor return rate. You won’t keep your supporters until you make it clear how they will continue to associate with your company.

Donors want to havea close connection with the non-profit agency. If your thank you letter or email applies to earlier donations, it indicates that your company acknowledges their efforts and appreciatesthe long-term friendship you have with that donor.

Elements and Structure

  1. Craft your letter of gratitude carefully, ensuring you express appreciation while also describing how it will support your mission. Make sure you give personal information in your letter of gratitude, such as the donor’s name and the exact sum of the donation. Your contributors willknow that you recognize their individual contributions, and you don’t just see them as one of the millions.
  2. Answer the effect of a donation. As donors donate, it’s because they want to support people. That’s why it’s essential to explain your donation’s real effect on your constituents or your programming’s success. If you’re dealing with children, animals, or the aged, it’s a fantastic idea to share inspiring tales about people who have been influenced by the kindness of your donors.
  3. Contact Information. It is crucial to provide a means for donors to address any questions or complaints about the organization as a whole or their donations. Let the reader know that your staff would love to hear from them and give them a straightforward path to get to you.
  4. Closing. Make sure to sign a thank-you contribution from a person rather than an association as an institution. This adds to a more intimate feeling, like a letter written from one person to another. Try submitting letters from a leadership position such as the Executive Director to make the message stand out!


Points to Consider When Composing a Thank You Letter

Here are some key points that you should consider when writing a thank you letter for donation:

Remind them of what their donation has allowed you to do – The technique you used to win your donors’ support is still important when you reach out to thank them for the truth. Instead of only giving a quick thank you, remind them of the work that their donation helps you to do, using your letter of thanks as an excuse to zoom in on unique projects. Don’t merely mirror the words you used in your promotional content. Link this gift to the job you’re doing right now.

Send your Thank You donation Letter as soon as possible. Aim to get your letters of thanks in the mail within 1 to 2 days of the donation. This indicates that you know the gift and that it has had an impact. It may seem shameful to reach out to donors too soon after their donation, but it is essential to respond in time. This tells the investor that you’re watching what’s going on with your organization and providing confidence that their money isn’t wasted.

Focus on saying “Thank you” – A common misconception when charity organizations give letters of thanks is that they neglect the message’s purpose. The purpose of the thank you notes is obviously to thank the supporters and express them your gratitude. This isn’t a reminder to donate again. It’s just a thank you to the donors. It is essential to emphasize the personal thanks in the letter and show the donors the importance of their donation.

Make it personal – The notes should be intimate and reflect the actual feeling. Do not be afraid to use a familiar tone or exclamation points where necessary. I think your thank you letter should be genuine. The note should also be presented directly to the donor. A first name is not necessarily mandatory, so please don’t use a general greeting. This ambiguous opening will interfere with any personal link you’re trying to create.

Offer special appreciation to your frequent donors If this individual donor has a history of donating to your organization, it is valuable to them when you mention your gratitude. You may say it is the letter itself, provide a sample paragraph below, or you may also mention it in a personal, handwritten note at the bottom of the letter.

Keep your notes short Thank you. It’s helpful to keep the length of the letter manageable. This is because the only thing you need to express is the appreciation and the impact of the gift. Any additional detail could make the letter seem like a challenge to read and dissuade the donors from donating again. If you can’t handwrite each note, be sure to include a real signature.

If you can’t handwrite each note, ensure you include a real signature. Your letter of thanks can always be sealed with an actual signature. This adds the personal touch demonstrating that the real person took the time to sign the message.

Tips about Writing a Thank You Letter for Donation

When writing a thank-you letter for donation; you want to make sure that your letter sends the right message. Here are some tips that you should consider when writing:

Being quick to reply will play a part in getting more donations

If someone donates to your fundraiser, think of it as the beginning of a discussion. A prompt letter or card of appreciation shows your devotion to the cause and is thankful for the support you have already earned. Don’t take days to reach out—if you should, follow up with the donors and give a letter of thanks within two dayshours of receiving each donation.

Being sincere will motivate people to give

Instead of saying “thank you” to donors, find ways to make letters of thanks come to life. Adding an inspiring quote that is important to your fundraiser or giving a short personal tale about the experience you’ve had to make it memorable. The more details you can give and the more concise you are in your notes, the more your donors feel about helping your cause. Remember, your letter or email doesn’t have to be lengthy.

Show the donors how their contributions are being used

A significant part of your letter of appreciation should show how the gift benefits you. Show supporters that their funding is going to be used properly. Provide an overview of what each donation has helped you do.

Add a special touch

Simple thank you letters will harm the partnerships you have formed with your sponsors. Use a few simple schemes to make them feel special, no matter how much they donate. Instead of dwelling on the amount, it should be stressed that their donation’s importance is above monetary value. This helps you to draw the right attention to your cause and to thank the donors. Here are some of the best strategies to keep in mind.

Revise your letter

A perfect way to make sure your donation is well received, read it out loud before submitting it. You want your letter of thanks to sound informal and polite, but make sure it’s both thoughtful. Spell-Check everything you’re saying.

Should I use Direct Mails or Email Thank You Letters?

The dilemma of whether to give your thanks via email or direct mail can be a challenging one. Online donating has grown significantly as everybody, including older generations, is becoming interactive. But if you think you can send an email to thank you and yet develop donor loyalty, you’re probably mistaken. Even if we’re in a digital environment, an online donor will always appreciate a mailed letter of thanks.

For most of your donation letters, email is likely to be the most reliable and cost-effective process. However, if you get confused between the two approaches, it may be smart to contact the donors and ask them how they prefer to be involved.

Bear in mind that beautiful gifts should be remembered with more intimate approaches, such as handwritten notes. If you don’t have the time to compose these letters, don’t forget that you can call someone on the phone to thank them.

Sample of Thank You For Your Donation Letters

Sample 1:

Dear Brent,

Thank you for your generous contribution to Kingston Foundations. We’re thrilled to receive your encouragement. Via your donation, we have reached a total sum of 2,000,000and continue to strive towardssupporting orphans. You do make a difference for us, and we’re immensely thankful to you!

Your donation is going to Kingston Foundations today. For inquiries about the use of your donation or our organization, please feel free to contact Teddyvia 657 567 8955


Teddy White

Sample 2:

Dear Kris,

We make a difference together! Your continuing enthusiasm for our cause is profoundly pleasing to us, and we hope it is the same for you. We are honored to see that you’ve decided to raise your contribution this February 2020. Your gift has already begun to send more children to school.

Feel free to contact Kingsley at 233 557 7769 if you have any specific questions. We’d love to thank you again, and deepest thanks, warmest wishes.



Kingston Foundations

Free Downloads (Samples & Templates)

One of the most critical messages of any charitable fundraiser or funding campaign is the Donation Thank You Note. Funds raising is all about partnerships, and keeping those relationships safe is key to potential fundraising success. A customized thank you is the best way to express gratitude to your donors. Feel free to download thank you for donation letter templates from our website. They are easy to use and will win you more donors.

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Donation Thank you Letter Sample 01


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Donation Thank you Letter Sample 09


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Donation Request Letter 12



    How to Use the second person “you” and the first person “I” and “we.”

    • Description of the first person: the first person means the speaker. • Description of the second person: the second person implies the addressee.
    • The first person is the viewpoint of the I/we.
    • The second voice is you/your viewpoint.

    How to address the letter to the donor’s full name

    Start your message with the name of the donor. First names are powerful, so use them, like “Dear Angie” or “Dear Eric and Lena.”

    How to include the donation amount and the date it was given

    Using the “you” second person and the “I” first-person and the “we,” address the letter to the full name of the donor. Include the sum of the contribution and the date it was given.


    The burden to find donors can be exhausting, but you will see dramatic effects on the overall fundraising campaign by keeping in touch with donors. The simple act of writing a heartfelt contributionthank you letter is a simple way to prove that your company cares not just about your project but also about the donors who make your job possible.

    These notes change the attention from emphasizing your organization to the positive that your donor is doing by donating to your organization. This takes home a sense of pride and satisfaction to the investor, which will keep them involved in the company for years to come.

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