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Business Itinerary Templates

Business Travel Itinerary Template

Free Itinerary Templates | Smartsheet (1)

Keep track of flight information for both departure and return trips, accommodations, rental car details, and meetings or events with this business travel itinerary. You can plan for multiple travel dates, and the template is designed with alternating colors for an easy-to-read layout.

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Business Trip Checklist Template

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Customize this checklist template by adding tasks that need to be completed and items to pack on a business trip. Using a checklist can help ensure that important items are taken care of and that nothing is overlooked. It’s a simple planning tool that can have a big impact on the outcome of a business trip.

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Excel | Smartsheet

Simple Business Trip Itinerary

Free Itinerary Templates | Smartsheet (3)

This blank itinerary template offers a basic format that can easily be customized for a specific trip. Create a multi-day itinerary that covers transportation, lodging, meetings, and any other travel details that you want to keep track of. Consider adding hyperlinks to locations, such as hotels and restaurants, so that you have a record of online resources while traveling.

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Excel | Smartsheet

Business Trip Report Template

Free Itinerary Templates | Smartsheet (4)

A business trip report typically follows a memo format and provides a summary of the purpose and results of a business trip, including recommendations or follow-up actions that need to be taken. This is different from a business trip expense report, which is used to keep track of travel expenses for reimbursement. You can save and print the template as a Microsoft Word or PDF file.

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Word|PDF| Smartsheet

Travel Agency Planning Form

Travel agents can use this form to collect information from clients and create travel plans. Edit the template to include whatever details are relevant for the client and the type of trip, such as flight preferences, travel insurance options, lodging information, or discounts offered. Create a record of client information for future reference.

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Flight Itinerary Template

Free Itinerary Templates | Smartsheet (6)

Multi-flight trips can be complicated, but a simple template can help prevent you from feeling overwhelmed. This Excel itinerary template will help you keep track of flight info so that travelers have all the details on a single spreadsheet. Enter your flight numbers, airport locations, and departure and arrival times for each leg of your journey, including layovers.

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Vacation Itinerary Templates

Vacation Itinerary Template

Free Itinerary Templates | Smartsheet (7)

Plan a quick three-day trip, a five-day getaway, or a longer vacation with this comprehensive itinerary template. You can make and record plans for each day of your trip, including restaurant reservations, entertainment ideas, transportation, and nightly lodging. This provides a detailed look at your daily itinerary as well as an overview of the entire vacation.

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Vacation Planner Template

Free Itinerary Templates | Smartsheet (8)

While creating a vacation itinerary requires advance planning, doing so allows you to relax and enjoy your trip without having to make arrangements while traveling. This vacation planner template is designed to help you compile information, compare options, and then create an itinerary based on what you discover. It can be used for planning a variety of trips, from family vacations and reunions to student field trips or travel for sports team competitions.

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Travel Day Planner

Free Itinerary Templates | Smartsheet (9)

Use this Microsoft Word itinerary template to create a schedule for outings and events on a single day. Keep track of items to bring, restaurant locations, tourist attractions, and important notes. You can create your own easy-to-carry guide to follow throughout the day, and stick to your travel plan or make adjustments as you see fit.

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Family Vacation Itinerary Template

Free Itinerary Templates | Smartsheet (10)

This itinerary template is designed with families in mind, and provides sections for listing all of the important trip details, which may include traveler names, medical info and contacts, other emergency contacts, and travel plans. Keep track of activities that your family plans to enjoy along with any corresponding details you want to document, such as cost, location, or advance tickets.

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Travel Planning Checklist

Free Itinerary Templates | Smartsheet (11)

Create a simple checklist for planning a personal trip or vacation. This template includes sections for adding items to complete at work, arrangements for home and pet care, a packing list, and other tasks. A to-do list can provide organization and accountability before you leave for a vacation.

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Meeting and Event Itinerary Templates

Formal Meeting Itinerary Template

Free Itinerary Templates | Smartsheet (12)

Keep meetings on track with this organized itinerary that shows topics to be covered, presenter names, and the time allotted for each agenda item. You can also record the names of everyone in attendance, the meeting objective, and the location. This is a Google Docs template that can be modified to suit your particular organization and easily shared with team members.

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Word | Smartsheet

Meeting Minutes and Itinerary

Free Itinerary Templates | Smartsheet (13)

This meeting itinerary template for Word provides a traditional layout with room to record minutes. Customize the template by adding a business logo or editing the items included in the itinerary. The template also includes a signature line for secretary approval.

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Word | Smartsheet

Weekly Staff Meeting Itinerary Template

Free Itinerary Templates | Smartsheet (14)

Plan your weekly staff meetings and share the itinerary with attendees in advance. The agenda includes an overview of weekly achievements, progress updates, action items to discuss, and scheduling info for the next meeting. This template provides a roadmap to follow during the meeting and can also serve as a record of what was covered.

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Event Itinerary Template

Free Itinerary Templates | Smartsheet (15)

Create a simple itinerary for a conference, workshop, fundraiser, or other event with this schedule template. You can show activities that occur in different locations simultaneously, such as different speakers at a conference, and display the starting and ending time for all activities. Use this template to plan a single or multi-day event.

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Tips for Planning a Business Travel Itinerary

Some companies hire a corporate travel planning service to manage trip planning, booking, and emergency services. However, small businesses and independent consultants can simplify their travel planning by keeping a few tips in mind.

  • Begin Planning Early: While some trips occur with short notice, you should aim to start planning a month in advance (if possible) to reduce stress and ensure that you get the services you need at the best rates available. Schedule any business meetings before securing transportation, lodging, and other travel details. It can also be helpful to arrive a day or two early to give you time to get organized and recover from jet lag.
  • Bring a Backup Itinerary: Mobile devices, cloud-based storage, and the global availability of Wi-Fi make it easy to access documents from anywhere. But technology can fail, and devices can be lost or stolen, so it’s wise to print a hardcopy of your itinerary to bring in your carry-on luggage. If you’re traveling overseas, consider emailing a copy of your itinerary to your local contact as well.
  • Check the Weather: This may seem obvious, but in some locations and at certain times of year, you may need more than your typical business attire in order to be prepared and comfortable. Before packing, check the weather forecast for your destination.
  • Confirm Arrangements: Verify that a hotel will provide all the services you will need before booking. Once arrangements have been completed — but before setting out on your business trip — confirm lodging and other travel details to ensure that everything is in order and your itinerary is accurate.

Creating an organized itinerary will give you a map to follow during your trip so that you can focus on business engagements and other work responsibilities.

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