Thank You Email After Interview 3 Step Template [With Subject Line & Example!] (2023)


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Thank You Email After Interview 3 Step Template [With Subject Line & Example!] // Sending a thank you email after the interview is a great way to potentially stand out in the job interview process. In the job search, it is often the small things that have an outsized impact, so stay until the end to know the 3 step template on how to write a thank you email after an interview.

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- What if I told you, there is one super easy thing you can do after every interview to make you stand out among the rest.


It will only take you five minutes.

You do it.


Yes, I.

Am talking about sending a.

Thank you email after the job, interview., And, yes.

You definitely need to send them every single time.

This is Self.

Made, Millennial, I'm, Madeline, Mann., And in this video, you'll, learn how to send thank you notes that actually help you get hired, including the exact template.

And when to send it.

You may have seen me in these places.

This is an award-winning career and job search channel coming from a Human Resources, leader., New videos on Thursdays., When I say that a thank you email will make you stand out among most candidates, I've got the numbers to back.

It up.

According to a survey done by Accountemps, only a quarter of applicants send out.

Thank you emails after their interview.

Even, though 80% of surveyed HR managers said that they were helpful for the hiring team.

As, a human resources, professional, I've seen this with my own two peepers.

I have sat in so many interview debrief sessions, and I asked the hiring manager, what they think of the candidate? And.

They may say something like, well, I'm.

Not sure about them.

It seems like they aren't very interested in the role.


This other candidate, they seem really excited based on their note.

Okay., I know, it might seem ridiculous, but it's because companies want to hire people who really want to work there., Why? Because.

Someone who is already motivated is going to be a lot easier to retain and continue motivating.

It's simple as that, Pat.

Stick around to the end because I'll reveal what to write as your subject line.

And in the PS of your email that will massively give you a leg.



Should you send a thank you email? Send.


Thank you email within 24, hours., Don't, wait a bit and then use the.

Thank you email as a way to follow up, to see where you're at.

Follow up, emails are fantastic.

You should definitely be sending those.


They serve a completely different.


So I will also give you the follow-up email, templates., So, I'll, put those in the comments.

And in the description.

I can't, tell you how many times I've heard people not send a thank you email because they let little things stop them.

Like, well, I, didn't know, the interviewer's email, or I only talked to the recruiter, not the hiring manager.


Why bother.

If you need to email recruiter to get the interviewer's email address or ask them to forward.

It along, that's, fine., It's also easy to guess an email address based on the company's email, conventions.


It first initial, last name?, Is.

It just first name, full name?, Is.

It just last name?, Is it their initials? Whatever.

It is, just get it done.

How to draft the email? Keep your.

Thank you email to the company.

You did a job interview with, short., And include these three ingredients., Gratitude, enthusiasm, and personalization., With, these, you're going to show that, one.

You are grateful for their time and attention.


You are enthusiastic and eager about the job.

And three, that you really were listening when they started to trail off about how they're talking about the company as one big family, who works hard and plays hard.


You know, you have a personalized email to show that deep true connection.

Here's, the template to use.

But, first, I'm, curious., Have.

You written a.

Thank you email after interview before?, Answer, "I, Have" or "Not Yet" in the comments below to let me know.


Wanna see how the numbers shake out here and absolutely no shame.

If you haven't.

I, mean, that's, why you're here.

Here's an example of those three ingredients in an email.

Hi, interviewer.

It was so good to meet you earlier.


I, appreciate you taking the time to get to know me and I loved hearing more about, insert company name, especially when it came to something from your conversation, personalize it., I feel great about the position after our interview today and look forward to next steps., Best, your name.

This email shows gratitude for their time, enthusiasm for the work, and make sure to sneak in something specific from the interview.

So it doesn't feel like a copy and pasted generic email.

You got off of a YouTube video.

This email is missing something that could make it stand out way more, which I will share in a minute.


First, let's, select the right subject line for your.

Thank you.



It simple.

Here are four subject lines that I personally, like.

Great meeting, you!, Thank, you!, Great speaking with you, insert their name! Appreciate.

Your time! Okay., We, often overthink the subject line.

But any four of these are fantastic, as well as you could reply to an email chain that you already have with them, that's fine.

That takes the pressure off of you to even choose the subject, line.

Little side, note, researchers at Cornell University estimate that we make 35,000 decisions a day often leading to decision fatigue., So let's, make it 34,999, right? Just by replying to their current chain.


Here is how to truly make a deeper connection with the interviewer through a.

Thank you email and get them to remember, you., Use, a PS at the end to provide a resource.

Like, a podcast, you think they'd enjoy, or if they mentioned, they love Mexican food or restaurant.


This is to make a deeper connection., And.

Your PS can be related to something professional or personal, either totally works.

Take, a quick look at the email from before with this addition, assuming that in the interview, the interviewer mentioned that they are taking their family to Disneyland soon.

PS, for your upcoming trip to Disneyland, I remembered this article that had Disneyland "hacks" of how to go on the most rides and have the best experience.


It helps, and have fun! This makes you come across as a thoughtful person and truly deepens the personal connection.


The job search.

It is often the small things that have outsize impacts, and they will likely like you more as a candidate and may not even realize why.

So be sure to show some love and like this video and subscribe to this channel.

You got this wifi high-five., (Madeline, claps).


What is a good subject line for a thank you email after an interview? ›

Mention the position

Some ways you can mention the position in an email subject line are: "Thank you for considering me as your next office administrator" "Thanks for discussing the product specialist position with me" "I enjoyed learning about the program manager role—thanks for your time!"

What is the subject for reply email? ›

"Pleasure chatting with you, [name]" Writing this follow-up email subject line shows your sincerity and reminds your recipient that you've previously conversed or met. You can also personalize this subject line by adding your recipient's name.

How do you write the subject of an email reply? ›

Change the subject in a reply
  1. Next to Type of response , click the Down arrow. Edit subject.
  2. Enter a new subject.

What should be the subject line of an interview request? ›

Consider a short subject line that includes only the necessary information, for example, “Martina Rogers—informational interview request.” You can include your name and the purpose of the email in just a few words.

How long after an interview should you send thank you email? ›

There's a sweet spot for timing when it comes to the thank you note. You don't want it to arrive too soon or too late, which is why Siegel recommends sending a thank you email within the 24-to-48-hour period after an interview.

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